Xhosa Fundis specialises in isiXhosa language training. Our instructors are passionate, professional and personable.

Courses run either in person or online over Zoom.

Our training can take place over a period of 5 or 6 or 8 weeks (as preferred), with a lesson duration of either 2 hours, 1.5 hours or 75 minutes as preferred. Lessons are usually conducted once a week.

Here are some other points to keep in mind, particularly with regards our language courses:
  • We have full accreditation with the ETDP SETA.
  • Our courses are well structured and well paced with an excellent teaching methodology.
  • Fully bilingual, trained and talented mother-tongue isiXhosa facilitators, with years of experience.
  • Language taught on our courses has been carefully selected for what is most useful in everyday conversational isiXhosa. Grammar and pronunciation are integrated as tools for understanding and using this language content in order to avoid parrot-fashion learning.
  • Our course materials are compellingly well-designed and engaging, as a result of eleven years of acknowledging and implementing learner feedback.
  • Our course teaches language skills and cultural understanding relevant to current daily interactions. This gives delegates the means to interact confidently with native isiXhosa speakers.

  • With us, learning is supported between lessons and well beyond the course. For example, all delegates are given weekly take-home flash cards and pin-me-up cards for reviewing key phrases; the course audio CD/mp3 files can be played in the car at any time; delegates are encouraged to give a letter from us to a isiXhosa-speaking ‘Practise Partner’ with whom they can build a relationship during the course. This allows for continued use of isiXhosa once the course has ended.
  • Our course allows the usual status dynamics between staff to dissolve. This, as well as our team building activities, significantly improves staff relationships.

“The course itself has gotten nothing but praise when classmates have discussed it among each other. The curriculum is really well structured in that you learn both vocabulary and grammar in every lesson and you are given multiple channels through which to learn – reading, writing, tests and games, the audio CD to listen to, pin-me-ups that adorns all of our homes now, etc.”

– Cara Meintjes Hartley, PDG 

Please contact Azeema for a quote via email: / cell: 079 922 8656.