XHOSA FUNDIS (Pty) Ltd is an ETDP SETA accredited training provider. We have been offering our Language Training to the public and to corporates since 2004. We provide well-structured, engaging and interactive language courses for adults, from beginner level to advanced. Our courses are facilitated by professional and passionate language teachers, and supported by our innovative course materials.

We have a series of 8 courses that focus on building conversational fluency. Start with Course 1 (for absolute beginners) and progress from there. 

Our Learning Program is structured as follows:


LEVEL 1: Course 1 and Course 2

LEVEL 2: Course 3 and Course 4

LEVEL 3: Course 5 and Course 6

LEVEL 4: Course 7 and Course 8


Email Azeema at info@xhosafundis.co.za for further information. 


LEVEL 1 COURSE 1 – Essential Social IsiXhosa

A well-paced introduction to the language and culture, enabling you to carry out a full conversation of everyday greetings, pleasantries and farewells. Relevant grammatical elements are explained throughout, building a foundation for further study.

LEVEL 1 COURSE 2 – Essential Practical IsiXhosa

This course equips you with language for everyday environments and situations, such as at the garage and shops, when offering hospitality, speaking about the weather, conducting an interview or being interviewed.

LEVEL 2 COURSE 3 – Essential Interactive IsiXhosa

Course 3 extends your ability to make small talk and show an interest in others. It will allow you to express your opinion, agree, disagree, and respond appropriately and supportively to both the good and bad news that underpins so many of our conversations. Course 3 also introduces a culture segment at each lesson. These provide brief but important insights with regard to birth, weddings, ancestors, funerals, dress codes, and traditional etiquette.

LEVEL 2 COURSE 4 – Extending Social IsiXhosa

The content on this course includes extending your ability to have authentic and meaningful conversations, showing interest in the person you are talking to, sharing personal details and finding out about clan names. It also teaches language for making arrangements and appointments, which includes phrases for expressing time.

LEVEL 3 COURSE 5 – Essential IsiXhosa Grammar

The Noun Groups are complex, but once you know them, the language becomes easy to navigate. This grammar and sentence building course delivers a comprehensive overview of the isiXhosa Noun Groups. It imparts ways in which to understand, create and memorize key Noun Group Concords. The course also boosts learners’ vocabulary and offers numerous fundamental and commonly used sentence structures. This knowledge gives students confidence in, and control of, their language learning, having been provided with many more ‘tools for their toolboxes’. 

LEVEL 3 COURSE 6 – A Family Drama

Each lesson of this course builds on the interactions within an imagined family, where taboo around shared clan name romances creates the dramatic thrust. In terms of grammar, each lesson introduces another key aspect of the Recent Past Continuous Tense. Numerous conversational phrase structures are also introduced. For example, ‘Why are you so…?’; ‘I can’t believe that…’; ‘I always…’; ‘It is necessary that…’

LEVEL 4 COURSE 7 – A Mixed Marriage

This course teaches practical words and phrases for describing time and for making informal arrangements. It introduces pithy and expressive colloquial phrases for everyday urban interactions. It includes a dedicated section on culture, word usage, and a well-known isiXhosa idiom, for each lesson.

LEVEL 4 COURSE 8 – A Room to Rent

This course introduces isiXhosa adjectives and their concords. You will also learn how to make comparisons and how to give compliments, how to say, ‘This is’ and ‘These are’, ‘Here is’ and ‘Here are’, and how to ask various useful questions. A wonderfully practical array of new vocabulary, including position words (above, below, etc.) will give feet to the grammar you’ve learnt.

To book yourself on a course, click on the BLUE tab on our home page, or contact Azeema on email info@xhosafundis.co.za or Whatsapp 079 922 8656.