Our Beginners Course 1 isiXhosa and isiZulu materials teach the language required for a full conversation of everyday pleasantries, from greetings through to small talk and farewells. They also provide all the related grammar and pronunciation skills to create a solid foundation for further learning. (Let us know if you’re not a beginner and we’ll direct you to one of our more advanced courses.)

The handbooks are clearly set out with easy-to-follow grammar explanations, word lists, example dialogues, listening activities, exercises and answer sheets. Additional features include “Pin-Me-Up” cards, the National Anthem and Crossword Puzzles. Every track on the matching audio CD is shown in the handbook so that learners can read and listen at the same time. 


Order materials by filling in the form on the Learning Materials page or email Andrea on info@xhosafundis.co.za.