XHOSA FUNDIS (Pty) Ltd is an ETDP SETA accredited training provider. We have been offering our Language Training to the public and to corporates since 2004.


Whatsapp 084 843 7795 if anything is unclear.

We have a series of 8 set courses that focus on building conversational fluency. Start with Course 1 (for absolute beginners) and progress from there.

Our Learning Program is structured as follows:

LEVEL 1: Course 1 and Course 2

LEVEL 2: Course 3 and Course 4

LEVEL 3: Course 5 and Course 6

LEVEL 4: Course 7 and Course 8

Please go ahead and book your course. Scroll down to the blue tab. Course payments can be made to the account details at the bottom of this page. Courses 1 to 4 cost R1880 each (lessons and materials included). Courses 5 to 8 cost R1980 each. The ‘Use It Don’t Lose It’ Post Course 3 and Post Course 4 Conversation Courses are for students to practise (review and extend) what they have learnt between set courses. These courses are about getting the ‘flow of the language’ and to use it freely in different contexts. They cost R950 each. 

Some Feedback from our students:

I wanted to let you know how valuable Course 6 was for me. The format Sibu has started using is GREAT! I really feel that we are getting a lot more practise in terms of thinking in Xhosa. Sibu is a brilliant teacher! (Bianca Browne – Dec 2020)

I have thoroughly enjoyed my lessons. I found Masi to be delightful, bright, an excellent tutor with  a sparkling personality. He was patient and thorough in his explanations/guidance and fully ‘engaged’ at all times. (Graham Vass – 2020)

I thoroughly enjoyed Course 2 with Sibu! His calm, patient and gentle nature greatly enhanced my learning. His sense of humour and clear passion for the language kept us all engaged and enthusiastic. (Joanie Mitchell – 2020)


Teacher Course Day Start – End Dates Time
1st set of courses 2021 – All courses are 1 lesson per week for 5 weeks.
Masi Course 1 (beginners) Tues 19 Jan – 16 Feb 6pm – 8pm
Sibu Course 3 Weds 20 Jan – 17 Feb 6pm – 8pm
Masi Course 2 Thurs 21 Jan – 18 Feb 6pm – 8pm
Sibu Post Course 3 Conversation Thurs 21 Jan – 18 Feb 6pm – 7pm

Post Course 4 Conversation

Thurs 21 Jan – 18 Feb 7:15 – 8:15pm
2nd set of courses 2021 – All courses are 1 lesson per week for 5 weeks.
Masi Course 1 (beginners) Tues 23 Feb – 23 March 6pm – 8pm
Sibu Course 2 Weds 24 Feb – 24  March 6pm – 8pm
Masi Course 5 Thurs 25 Feb – 25  March 6:30 – 8:30pm
3rd set of courses 2021 – All courses are 1 lesson per week for 5 weeks.
Masi Course 1 (beginners) Tues 30 March – 27 April

(Freedom Day)

6pm – 8pm
Sibu Course 3 Weds 31 March – 28 April 6pm – 8pm
Masi Course 4 Thurs 1 April – 29 April 6pm – 8pm
4th set of courses 2021 – All courses are 1 lesson per week for 5 weeks.
Masi Course 1 (beginners) Tues 4 May – 1 June 6pm – 8pm
Sibu Course 6 Weds 5 May – 2 June 6:30 – 8:30pm
Masi Course 2 Thurs 6 May – 3 June 6pm – 8pm

For COURSE DESCRIPTIONS scroll down our ‘Language Courses’ page.

To register for any of the above courses, please click on the blue tab below. Then scroll to click on the course you’d like to do, and fill in your details. If you have problems registering online, then WhatsApp or call Kyle on 084 843 7795 or email her via info@xhosafundis.co.za.

Book a Course!

COST: Public (set schedule) Courses 1 to 4 cost R1,880.00 per person for 2021. This covers 5 x 2-hour weekly Zoom lessons and the course materials, sent digitally once proof of payment is received. Courses 5 to 8 cost R1,980.00 each.

If you would like to schedule a private/corporate group, please email Kyle for a quote. These are scheduled and priced differently to the public courses as they often include a lot more administration and offer benefits related to group privacy and schedule flexibility.


If you would like to purchase and collect hard copies of the materials, this can be arranged at a discounted price for learners on a course. You would need to be able to collect the materials from Plumstead in Cape Town.

Course materials include:

  • a handbook
  • a workbook (except for Course 6)
  • audio tracks
  • certificates (for those who have not missed more than one lesson)

All payments via EFT please. Scroll down to the bottom of this page for bank details.

More Feedback from our students:

I have enjoyed every minute of my time learning isiXhosa with Xhosa Fundis. The weekly online classes with Masi have become the highlight of my week. Masi is an excellent and enthusiastic teacher, who makes learning a new language both fun, and interesting. The courses are exceptionally well structured and managed by Kyle and her team. My only regret is not starting sooner. (Joseph Rom – 2020)

I’ve just finished Course 2 with Sibu. Many thanks to Sibu – he’s a great teacher and really challenged us to expand our understanding of Xhosa in this second course. (Maike Hamann – 2020)

I really enjoyed the course and am definitely going to do no 3. Sibu was great. He explained things well, had a great sense of humour and all round an excellent teacher. (Sandy Mitchell – 2020)

To find out about our wonderful range of Foundation Phase materials,

contact Kyle on 084 843 7795 or email info@xhosafundis.co.za.


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