Xhosa Fundis’ Workshops

We have on offer 3 wonderful workshops, for groups of up to 25 participants. Please contact Kyle if you’d like us to run a workshop at your school, business, organization, church, scout hall or home! Our Workshop facilitators are passionate, professional and personable. While the duration of the workshops is generally 3 hours, the timing can be adjusted (shortened or extended) to suit your needs.


1. Xhosa Language and Culture Basics

In this workshop, you will learn everyday urban Xhosa greetings, useful phrases for first meetings and farewells. These include both standard Xhosa and the slang used in urban Cape Town. It also shares various insights around the culture of greetings, Xhosa first names, clan names and the 3 main Xhosa clicks. Materials provided include comprehensive bound notes and a pocket phrase book. The skills learnt will enable you to strengthen your relationships with Xhosa speakers in your daily life.

2. Xhosa Names

This workshop takes a close-up look at the meanings, pronunciation and cultural significance of Xhosa first names. You will learn how to ask someone, in Xhosa, the meaning of their name, and how to know when names are male or female. It also relates interesting information about Xhosa surnames, clan names and place names.


3. Key Aspects of Xhosa Language and Culture

This workshop highlights particularly interesting areas of Xhosa language and culture. For example, the concept of Ubuntu and Xhosa body language, including eye contact, personal space, handshakes and counting. Interesting aspects of the Xhosa grammar system include alliteration, onomatopoeia and ideophones.

Just for You!

A tailor-made workshop based on the specific areas of Xhosa language and culture that are of most significance to you, the client.

Let us know what grabs you and we’ll make it happen!


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