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We provide engaging, practical language courses (short and intensive) for adults, from beginner level to advanced. Our courses are facilitated by professional and passionate mother-tongue language teachers, and supported by our innovative course materials. Feel free to email us for any number of references!


INTENSIVE COURSE: We have an intensive course scheduled for 2018 starting on the 4th of June and running for 7 weeks. Lessons will take place for an average of 4 hours per weekday (Monday through Friday) for the full 7 weeks, totaling 140 hours. This course is run predominantly for students who are learning isiXhosa as part of an academic program or research work. Please email Kyle for more information:


BEGINNERS COURSE 1 – Essential Social IsiXhosa

The language taught on this course has been selected for its everyday usefulness in any given context, in order to equip learners with basic and essential social skills. The course is carefully paced so that by the end, students are able to have a full conversation of everyday pleasantries, from greetings to small talk to farewells. You will also be given opportunities to practise pronunciation, insights into the structures of the language, and time to engage in dialogue, thereby building your confidence to use what you learn in daily life. The pack given to each student at Lesson 1 includes a variety of support materials for assimilation of the relevant language content between lessons. These include an audio CD / mp3s for listening as you drive, ‘Pin-Me-Up’ review cards to put up around your house, a letter to give to someone you find to be your isiXhosa-speaking practise partner, and more. Every learner is an individual, so you choose the best method for you!

Attendance is ONE lesson per week for a number of consecutive weeks. Our standard course runs over either 5 or 6 weeks.

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Included in the cost of COURSE 1, you will receive the following:

  • Course 1 Handbook (with crossword puzzles, exercises and ‘Pin-Me-Up’ review cards)
  • Course 1 Audio CD or mp3s on request (with listen and repeat activities)
  • Course 1 Workbook
  • Course 1 Illustrated Flash Cards
  • A pocket-sized Phrase Book
  • Certificates (for those who have not missed more than 1 lesson)


As well as the following throughout the course:

  • Refreshments, including tea and coffee, available at each class
  • Easy and safe parking outside the house
  • Friendly and focused environment
  • Personal attention: class sizes are small (4 – 14 learners)


BEGINNERS COURSE 2 – Essential Practical IsiXhosa

The entry requirements are completion of Course 1 OR equivalent prior knowledge. If you have prior knowledge, please email us for a Course 1 test in order to assess your level relative to our course structure. Beginner Course 2 equips learners with enough practical language skills to be able to conduct many of their regular daily, task-based interactions in isiXhosa. Lessons focus on particular contexts and activities, such as talking about the weather, interacting at the garage and at shops, showing hospitality, and enquiring about a person’s sport and music preferences.


While our core business is our group courses, we do offer private lessons to a small number of dedicated students.


The great advantage of private tuition is the flexibility in terms of lesson times, lesson content and pace. Private classes are more expensive than group classes, and need to be paid for upfront.


If you feel you are a candidate for private tuition, please email our administrator on or via the form below.


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